Residential-commercial building “Šip”

23. 02. 2017.

Domoinvest conducts supervision and the executive project for residential-commercial building  “Šip”,  Branilaca Šipa bb, Sarajevo. Construction of the facility has  begun in 2016. Currently, two of three lamellae are under construction  (lamella 1 – first floor; lamella 2 – ground floor), with preparations for the start of the third one. The building offers 31 apartments distributed on five floors, from the ground floor to the fourth floor, and commercial space throughout the basement with the possibility of manipulation of the space at will of the buyer. The main part of the external arrangement makes a wide area in front of commercial floor – green area with outdoor parking. As much as it is invested in functionality and efficiency, it is also invested in the aesthetics of the building. The building will assert out clearly, first of all by the  design and the height, and then by the facade  (imitation wood, granite and final cladding layer of white paint) to create an aesthetic qualitative architectural whole.


The RC slabs have a thickness of 15cm with consoles (terraces). Vertical communication between floors is provided by staircases and lifts.

Doors and windows

Portals of the commercial floor will be made of  aluminum profiles, type FEAL TERMO 65 with  thermo glass 4 + 16 + 4 + 16 + 4 mm with low E coating and argon-filled.  Doors in the apartments are made of  solid water-based processed oak massifs with final varnishing. The entering doors of the apartments are fire-resistance  / intrusion with a core of galvanized steel. Windows 160cm, 100cm and 120cm width are made of six chambered REHAU profile. Thickness of the glass is 4+16+4+16+4mm lowE with argon. Fences of terraces are made of laminated glass 8.8.2 attached to the RC wall/fence

Processing of interior surfaces

First-class floor ceramic tiles in the apartments are 30x30cm, while in the commercial space are 40x40cm. Bedroom floors are oak parquet treated with binding strips at the corners of the rooms. Wall surfaces will be painted with dispersive paint.

The Heating is planned to be by gas.

Residential and commercial building (-2)+ G+ 4


The building is designed in the form of two towers interconnected with, basement and ground floor.
The purpose of the building by floors is as following:
         - Basement (-2)- garage
         - Basement (-1)- commercial floor
         - G + 4 - residential premises

Net area per floor are the as following:
         - Basement 616,73m2
         - Basement 609.67 m2
         - Ground floor 588.49 m2
         - First, second and third floor after 447,81m2
         - Fourth floor 410,08m2

The total net area of the building is 3,568.40 m2.