Residential – Business Facility “Zetra”

28. 02. 2017.

This building is consisted of basement, ground floor and two extra floors with flat roof that will be used as roof terrace. The maximum occupancy is 18, 00 m x 10, 00 m, where the last floor is indrawn from two sides: Southern and Western, so the dimensions of this floor are 8,10 m x 16,10 m. It is planned to build the faclity using firm and contemporary building materials that will adequatly fit into surrounding area.The basement will be provided for garage and keeping rooms. Office space – showroom with following facility will be located on the ground floor. Residential part will be positioned on the first and the second floor, where we will position two duplex residential units. Vertical communication between floors of units is by means of an interior mounting staircase. The construction elements include skeletal structural system that is made of RC pillars, RC slabs and vertical and horizontal RC cerclages. The facade walls of the exterior and internal partition walls are made of common brick. The roof is flat and planned to be used as a terrace. The facade of the exterior is comprised of a thermal covering and trespa. Facade openings are made of Feal profile 65 or similar and covered with triple glass filled with argon. Internal walls are plastered, smoothed and finally painted. The woodden window frames are stiffened with MDF and furned by oak wood veneer. Entrance doors are equipped with  safety cylinders, thermo and sound insulation, filled with mineral fiber. All of the indoor carpentry is made of timber.

For further information please contact:
Mob: + 387 62 882 000

Residential-Business Facility "Zetra" is located on exclusive location in capital of BiH. It is consisted of basement, ground floor and two additional floors. This building will have office space -showroom wit following facility and two duplex residential units.