Kovaceva residential building

17. 12. 2015.

INVESTOR: HL Group, Sarajevo

Project architect: Architect studio “AECD” ltd., Bugojno

Supervision: Domoinvest ltd.

Year of realization: 2015 / 2016

Size of the object is 16,4m x 6,2m. The object is consisted of ground floor, 2 floors and loft from the street side; and due to sloped ground, from the courtyard side there is an extra basement. Parcel is connected with all facilities and possesses infrastructure network: water hook, sewerage system, electrical installation, gas system, PTT, etc. By the man project it is planned to build nine residence units of total net useable surface equals to 333,29 m2; net surface of common area is 49,84 m2, that is in total 383,13 m2.

This residential building is located in Sarajevo in Mejtaš neighborhood, which is the sunniest part of the city. The building is consisted of basement, ground floor, two floors and attic, and it is planned to build nine individual residential units.