Provansa Dobrinja

15. 11. 2014.

Project: Provansa Dobrinja

Purpose: Residential building

Size: 4000 m

Service decription: Design, construction and supervision

Godina: 2014.

In October 2014 Domoinvest has begun work on its new building Provansa Dobrinja. Provansa Dobrinja will be the second residential building besides the one in Stup, built in 2011. The project is worth 6 million BAM, and the completion is planned for May 2015 when the tenants will be able to move into their new homes.

Property Provansa Dobrinja represents a blend of modern design, quality construction and high energy efficiency and as such is an ideal place for the life of modern man. Object size is around 4500 m2, with ground floor and three more floors. It consists of apartments sized 30-90 m2, which are characterized by maximum utilization of space. Basement  holds space for garages and storage which can be accessed by elevator and internal stairway, while behind the building there is large private and enclosed parking space. On the ground floor of residential building planned apartments will contain the exit to the garden, and three of the floor will contain 13 residential units per each. Dormer floor contains 12 residential units which conceptually are perfect complement for the residential building.

Each apartment can be reached via common areas: stairs, elevators and hallways. Inside the building is a fire staircase that meets all the standards and regulations related to the evacuation, and is accessible to all residents. Unit location offers peace and privacy of the residents, and at the same time it is close to public transport, main roads, motorway and airport, and is well connected to the city of Sarajevo, other towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the rest of the world. Residential building is located at Habiba Stočević bb in Dobrinja. Near the building shopping center, market, two primary and two secondary schools, a recreation hall and other urban facilities are located. On the south side there is an airport located one kilometer away, and nearby are all main traffic routes to the Adriatic Sea and Ski Centre Bjelasnica, including the Sarajevo bypass and Highway A1.

Apartments can be bought in  pre-sale at the price of 1799.00 KM / m2. Special offer will be valid until 31.12.2014.

All information can be obtained by phone 033 / 565-155, 062 / 882-000 and e-mail address prodaja@domoinvest.ba.



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