Company’s mission is to provide the best service for investor, in accordance with deadlines, ecological principles and latest trends in architecture and engineering.

Providing quality and safety for our clients is our aim

The company’s aim is to create sustainable value ensuring long-term quality, safe and solid investment for its clients, and desirable workplace for its associates.  Domoinvest realizes significance of social responsibility and therefore channels its activities towards different economic, social and ecological aspects.

Sustainable development is the key to the future

The aim of Domoinvest is sustainable development and for decades its operations are channeled towards economic, social and environmental aspects, so that long-term success is achieved in compliance with man and nature.

Domoinvest has paid special attention to solar energy, which will be very important as a form of clean, renewable energy in the future. According to the forecasts of experts, until the year 2040, 50% of the world’s energy will come from renewable sources.


Domoinvest strives to be an innovative company, focused on fulfilling the desires, demands and benefits of investors, customers and the general public. Domoinvest shapes the future of architecture and engineering, creating both value and opportunity.

The company wants to be a domestic leader in creating and developing the most advanced solutions in compliance with the technology innovations, for businesses, as well as for the company. Domoinvest desires to contribute to the success and customer satisfaction through improvement of quality of their business, their employees and partners, in order to provide added value.

For the needs of service and products users, employees, investors, partners and the general public, Domoinvest focuses its efforts in creating residential and commercial properties that are consistent with economic, environmental and social needs of society.